History of Car & Sons

A Rich Heritage in Meat Preparation – Throughout British History



Combining knowledge from the Deep South of the States with the most traditional methods of English Butchery, Theodore Henry Car & Sons is a modern day Butchers with a real difference. With 5 shops open throughout the County of Steaksville and a touring van that has become legend, this is a business whose passion for Meat has transcended time and space.


family businessWith his two sons working in the shop with him, like he did himself over 30 years ago, Theodore Jr. jumps on the growing trend of gourmet and luxury food, and drastically rebrands the entire company from the ground up. The first incarnation of The Meatsmobile is taken for its first Tour of the country, with three generations of Cars working together from both sides of the pond.



thedore snrOver 10 years after his mysterious disappearance, Theodore Sr returns aged 71. He brings with him 3 sons from the States, sired by an ex-Rodeo rider that he fell in love with in his first week in Texas. The family is reunited and stronger than ever.




theodoreNow a truly experienced businessman and entrepreneur, T. H. Jr. has two sons of his own, both growing to be as smart as their, still missing, Grandfather. Theodore Henry Car & Sons Butchers and Smokers still provide the locals of Hasselshank with the finest of smoked meats – and have also made inroads into purchasing new premises in the neighbouring towns of Chopsloin and Sausbury.



butchers teamNow at the grand age of 58, Theodore Henry begins to think of retirement and succession. Yearning to leave Hasselshank behind him and explore out West, he leaves both businesses to T. H. Jr. and takes a flight out to Texas – never to be seen again.



familyWorking in tandem, supported by an ever-growing staff of 20 local men and women, Theodore and his son perfect their American smoking style and create a BBQ revolution in their town of Hasselshank. During the summer of ’85 both business, managed by the Father and Son team, boom.



old ruby picNow a strapping lad of 15 years, Theodore Jr. excels at School, plays in the Varsity Rugby Team and works in his Dad’s Butchers on the weekends. He understands the cuts and sides of every animal they butcher and begins experimenting with his own smoking techniques.



70s bbqAs 7 year old Theodore H. learns his letters and numbers, T. H. Sr opens his second shop in Hasselshank. Taking a cue from the businesses that he has visited in the Deep South, he begins to experiment with American-Style Smoking.



baby and fatherThe first son and future owner of the business, Theodore Henry II, is born – in the height of the swinging 60s. Meanwhile in the business, Theodore Henry Sr takes his first trip out to the States to investigate the South’s BBQ scene.




butchersTheodore Henry (aged 25) opens the first ever Henry Car & Sons Butchers in Hasselshank, Scotland. With the aid of a loan from his Father (which would only take him 4 years to repay) his first bold step into a busy marketplace is taken.