New Adventures In Flavour

A serious part of any product development has to be market research.

Food Technician and Amateur Chef, Claire Ramsgate, has been with the company for nearly ten years now. On the eve of her ten year anniversary, she’s been given the opportunity to fly out East on her first foodie adventure. 

packing meatBefore we start any new Adventures In Flavour, we always try to make sure that the entire team is on board with the concept and the rough design that we are aiming to achieve. Unlike other large scale companies, we have a firm belief in informing our staff (regardless of their position) about our upcoming plans and ideas. That way, if Sandra in Packing sees the memo at lunch and has a great idea of a flavour combo or a marketing angle, she can send us an email at the end of day and we can discuss the possibility of using it.

You can never have enough ideas.

happy factoryAt least, that’s something the Cars try and impart on each new member of the company. Their ethos is not so much about keeping people in line, as it is about asking people to step over it. For most multi-nationals, the idea of line workers piping up with comments or thoughts on their unfinished plans would seem absurd. But for Theodore Henry Car & Sons, things are a little different.

The big man himself, Theodore Jr., insists on meeting every new employee on their first day – to impress on them the value that they each have as an individual within the company.

That way he can be certain – that every new starter understands the policy that the company holds.

sandra in opackingOf course, sometimes you need to travel a little further afield to get the inspiration that you need. That’s why I’m off to India for 2 weeks, along with a Smoke Master and a Senior Packer, who’s been with the company for nearly as long as Theodore Sr!

This might seem a little unusual, but when you consider the Cars’ approach to staff interaction – then its hardly surprising. Our mission in India is to seek out Indian Smoking Techniques, that’s why Jemima from Smoking is coming along. Ann-Marie from Packing has earned her stripes at the company – no heads turned when she was announced as part of the Research Team. Forget her decades of loyalty and commitment, once you witness her passion for Meat Smoking you’ll struggle to resist the temptation to jump in the factory with her.

As the Manager of the Food Tech Team here at Theodore Henry Car & Sons, I’m going to be looking into spice combinations and the reactions that they’ll have with our meat.

india curry

Most people know India as a largely vegetarian country. It’s true that India is considered to have one of the highest rates of vegetarianism in the World, however the figure still stands at around a third of the population. That means that there’s a good 400 million or so meat eaters in India, all with their own unique spice mixes and preparation techniques that are yet to be discovered.

We leave for Goa in two weeks time and I simply can’t wait to discover what’s in store for us – or the company!