The Meatsmobile Is Back On The Road!

With the kids back in school, the Car’s Summer Holidays have come to an end.

camping trip

They’re all growing up, but we still get to take them on the Annual camping trip.

Since Father came back a few years ago, our family outings have become seriously challenging events to organise, it’s a good thing that I’ve had thirty years or so in business management, otherwise we’d never pull them off!

This year we visited the wonderful land of North Wales. A truly relaxing part of the world – or at least it was until we turned up!

After a week spent in the idyllic reaches of Snowdonia, I’m shattered but my summer’s far from over.

meaty marketDuring the next few weeks, I’ll be racking up some serious miles in The Meatsmobile with my oldest son Jeff and his Grandpa, my Dad, Theodore.¬†Summer time Britain is rammed full of Food Festivals and Markets, and we make it our aim every year to see as many of them as possible.

Over the¬†few years that we’ve been driving our big old Ford Transit, we’ve had an absolute ball meeting hundreds of new customers and making some great new friends. Theodore Sr. is well into his Seventies but that doesn’t stop him from serving all day and even cooking us up a little dinner, once we’ve shut for service.

The money we make from our gourmet burgers just about covers our fuel costs – but The Annual Meatsmobile Road Trip has never been about making money. For a couple of weeks a year, I get to spend countless hours of unbroken time with my closest family. By living and working in close confines, we slowly start to gel together until, by the end of the tour, we’re a well oiled machine. Of course there are always a few arguments along the way.

A grumpy business owner in his mid-fifties, an old man in his seventies and a teenager – doesn’t exactly sound like the most winning combination of personnel, does it?

transitMost of our customers assume, from our matching attire and cheery dispositions, that we must sleep in Hotels and leave the van each night in a secure Car Park. Incorrect!

To keep down on costs – and for more fun – we have camp beds in the Transit which we pull out each night. Every night we sleep, crammed in like sardines. Both of us old boys could probably be heard snoring from miles away, so it’s a good thing our Jeff brings his noise-cancelling headphones. I can’t say its the cure for snoring that my Dad and I have been looking for all these years, but it definitely helps!

In the next fortnight we’re hoping to visit 8 Food Festivals and 5 Farmers Market, we’re also serving food to 2 Weddings and an Anniversary Party to finish it off.

It’s going to be a tough week, that’s for sure, but it’s one that I can’t wait to tackle with two of the finest collaborators a man could ask for.

family lads